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           elcome to the Historical Society of Bay County  (HSBC) website. Organized in 1936 to preserve the rich heritage of the                         area, the society sponsors a monthly meeting and lecture series featuring talks on topics of historical significance to the                   area. In 2014, the society opened the Bay County History Museum in order to share collected artifacts, photographs and                   documents with the community. Exhibits related to Bay County’s past are presented throughout the year.
           The public is invited, regardless of membership and at no cost to enjoy both the lecture series and the Museum.

Downtown Streetscape Benefits HSBC Museum Entrance


With a planter between the benches, we will have color, shade and comfort.  Meet friends here and tour the museum.  

Museum Day   September 16,2023
Dig your Museum!
Lots of Fun

dig 1.jpg
Dig 2.jpg

Photos by Kathy O'Brian

Museum Day was hosted by the Bay County History Museum located at 133 Harrison Ave.  A mock Archaeological Dig staged for youngsters let them dig, sift, and find an artifact. Everyone was awarded a Centennial Coin in addition to their "find".  Our sponsors made it all possible. Thank You to Appliance Center, C & G, Trigo, Indigo Hotel, Harrison's, History Class Brewing Co. and El Weirdo Taco.

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